New Version 16.12.21 available for download

This version is CMS Cloud compatible.
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To update to this latest version, please login to
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  •  Added "Program and Settings" window to the security. You are now able to secure the Program Options window without using the Admin Password.
    If you have been using the Admin Password until now, you can now remove it completely and avoid having to put in an extra password when the program starts. To remove the Admin password, click Program Setup > Options > Other tab and clear the Administrator Password field.
    To enable different user logins, and configure Groups and Permissions, click Program Setup > Users/Groups Permissions. Details on this feature can be found here.

  • Bug Fixed: When setting a reminder for a Yahrtzeit and then removing the reminder, all before saving the record, and error would occur. This has now been corrected.

  • Bug Fixed: If a relationship record already exists between contacts (but somehow was not entered fully due to a database error), an error would occur when trying to enter the new accurate relationship details which would prevent one from creating the relationship. This has now been corrected.

  • Added: Show CMS Cloud IDs in the Contact Details and Address Details windows.

  • Improvement: Prevent deleting last remaining Primary family member.
    Also, if marking last remaining Primary family member as Deceased, a new Primary "family member" with just the Last Name and the letter D (for deceased) is created.
    This allows the record can be accessed easily even when there are no living members.

  • Improvement: Check Number field has been modified to allow for up to 50 characters and is not restricted to be a number.

  • Improvement: Just in time for your year end tasks, Year End Comparison letters merges now includes HisEmail and HerEmail fields so the letters can be sent via email.

  • Improvement: When creating a QB Deposit automatically, if a Contact or Payment Method Item is not mapped you are given an option to Cancel the deposit creation. (where in the past, the options were to Map the Item or to proceed without mapping it but no way cancel and back out completely).

  • Improvement: License Manager has been moved into the CMS Program.
    Manage your CMS Licenses directly within the CMS program, no need to use CMS Connected. Click Program Setup > License Manager to access your licenses.
    We also added security to this feature. If you would like to prevent some CMS Users from accessing, or modifying the status, of your CMS licenses, please be sure to set the permissions accordingly (Program Setup > Users/Groups Permissions). By default, all users continue to have access to this feature unless restrictions are enabled.
    The new License Manager gives you finer control over your licenses. It also allows you to designate which Computer should have the Download Role for downloading online submissions from your website.

  • Bug Fix: TEC Mailing. When the updated address retrieve from TEC Mailings servers exceeded 50 characters, an error would occur. Although it was not a common error, it did occur at times. This was now corrected by which any characters over 50 are put into the Address2 field.

  • Improvement: Online Forms Setup has been moved into the main CMS Program. To access your Online Forms Setup, click Tasks > Online Submissions > Forms Setup.
    Here too, we added security to this feature (by default it is allowed to all Groups). To restrict access to this feature, click Program Setup > Users/Groups Permissions).