New Version 17.2.12 available for download

This version is CMS Cloud compatible
To get started with CMS Cloud, please review these requirements and contact tech support to get started.

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  • Improvement: Prevent double-clicks for submitting forms.
    Background: At times an impatient user would click Submit a second time while the first submit action was still taking place. This was especially an issue when a user was on a slow internet connection or CMS's Servers took longer to respond. 
    The second submit would be rejected (in the case of instant charge) due to a duplicate transaction being detected, which is good. However, the user would mistakenly think that nothing was submitted successfully and would then try to submit additional times, causing even more duplicates.

    This has all been resolved by implementing functionality which ignores any subsequent submissions after the first one. Even when there is a delay at the CMS Server, or over a slow internet connection, only the first submission is sent.

    In order to benefit from this upgrade, please be sure that you are using version 2 of the CMS Forms. If you are using Version 1, please take a moment to upgrade your forms. To upgrade a form, open the Previous Version of the Form Designer, selectc the form and click Upgrade Form.

  • Bug Fix: Google Contact Integration.
    System would download unchanged Google Contacts (that were "touched" in some way - a phone call, for example) and consider them Matched Duplicates and prompting the user to delete the "Matched Duplicate" Google Contact. 
    This has now been corrected. 
    If you have many pending updates that are marked as "Matched Duplicate" making it too time consuming to clear up, please contact tech support for assistance.

  • CMS Cloud Integration - Access Runtime.
    If you are not using the full version of Microsoft Access, you will be thrilled to know that Access Runtime is now supported for CMS Cloud Integration. This opens up the door to anyone who wishes to use CMS Cloud Integration. To get started with CMS Cloud, please review these requirements and contact tech support to get started.
    While the full version of Access is no longer required, it is still recommended. 

  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where when marking a primary "her" as deceased, the salutation field would not be updated properly and at times would be blank.