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New in this release (17.7.14)
  • <Organization> field now works correctly for PDF Letters.
  • Signature image in Built-in Letters now works correctly.
  • Contact History: Note window has been corrected so that the display is not being cut off at the bottom.
  • New! Added option for Print PDFs for Thank-you letters. You can now easily Print the PDFs that are created in addition to emailing them. If the entire batch was not printed (some were only emailed), the printed ones are automatically separated into a new Batch so that you can easily generate Envelopes or Labels for them.
    The Printed batch needs to be marked Sent separately.
  • New! Added option for PDFs for Yahrtzeit letters. This works quite similar to the PDF feature for thank-you letters.
  • Bug Fix. < HonorMemory> field in the Built-in letters will only add a space if the field is not blank.
  • New fields now available in Build-in letters. Category, Subcategory, Solicitor.
  • Bug Fix. Birthday Report now works correctly.