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New in this release (17.8.10)

  • Announcing integration with SplashPayments for credit card processing. This new option for processing gives you near-instant application approvals and a free no-fee account and low fixed rates. This is a great option for current users who need additional accounts and don't want to pay extra fees. To get started, please install this version and email tech support.
  • Bug Fix: Yahrtzeit Letter fields updated. A list of Yarhtzeit Letter fields that work for both PDF and Built-in Letters can be found here. If you are using the built-in letter for Yahrtzeits, please review the letter before sending it out to ensure that the fields you are using are correct and conform to the new requirements in the above-linked document.
  • Bug Fix: PDF letters were flipping margins (left instead of right). This only affected you if you had a different margin for the Left and Right.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug where clicking Create Primary (Family Member Details) produces an error "Cannot fine field ckRelationships"
  • Improvement PDF/Emails: When sending a single letter by email/pdf, you are now prompted to confirm whether you would like the email to be sent out. If you choose No, the PDF will open and not be emailed.
  • Added eCheck capabilities ( and SplashPayments) to the Adult Education module.