New Version 18.2.4 Available for download - required for CCPI

To update to this latest version, login to CMS Connected and click Check for Program Updates.
Or login to
 and click Downloads...

This is a required upgrade when using the Credit Card Processing Integration (CCPI) module in CMS ( Or 
Splash Payments), You must install this version or later to ensure continued compatibility with the latest TLS Security Protocols.

The deadline from is 2/28/2018 and for Splash Payments 2/14/2018. 
Continuing to use CMS versions prior to 18.2.4 may cause the integrated processing to stop working. 
If you are unable to upgrade or need assistance, please contact CMS Tech Support for assistance. 

This version also corrects a minor bug in the License Manager where not all licenses were being displayed. Installing this upgrade correct this.

This version is 
CMS Cloud compatible.

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