New Version 18.5.4 Available for download

To update to this latest version, login to CMS Connected and click Check for Program Updates.
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 and click Downloads...

New in this update:
  • Fixed bug where Importing Reservation to New Contact did not update CMS Cloud.
  • Improvement: Added Label and Salutation fields when exporting a Transaction Report.
    This is useful if you are generating Labels or Letters from the Transaction Report.
    These fields are only included when also exporting the Address fields.
  • New: Contact Reports Transaction Other Options
    You can now choose if the Filter Type for Transactions should Limit or Exclude. If you leave this option blank, the Transaction data can still be available when exporting. You also have options for Exporting the Totals Columns or Yearly Totals. Exporting Totals and Yearly Totals is available both when setting the filter to Limit or Blank.
    Previously, columns by years was only available in a Transaction Report.
  • PDF Thank you letters now support different compression options for creation of PDFs to balance speed and file size. Options are No Compression (large files), Best Speed, Below Normal, Normal, Above Normal, and Best (slow). If you're unsure of which compression level to use, Normal offers the best balance of speed and file size.
  • Compatibility with the new ChabadOne Communicator security requirement.
    This is a required update for continued use of the integration features with ChabadOne Communicator.

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