New Version 18.12.12 Available for download

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What's New
  • New Feature: A new Label Type has been implemented called "Contemporary".
    In contrast to "Traditional" where the result is "Mr. & Mrs. John Doe," a contemporary label will be "Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Doe."
    If the wife has a different last name, the result will automatically be "Mr. John Doe and Mrs. Jane Fox."
    You can update your entire database to use contemporary. This is done on the Options > Style tab.

    Note: updating the entire database will only affect addresses that currently are set to Traditional or Both. Addresses that are set to "Men" or "Women" will not be updated.

    Please see this KB article for details.

  • New Feature: Option for Receipt Preference (Email or Print). To set this option, click the Details button on any contact and choose Email or Print.
    If this option is not sent for a contact, the contact will be part of the Email batch or Print batch, whichever you are doing.
    If the contact has the option set to Print, he will not be part of an Email batch.
    If the contact has the option set to Email, he will not be part of a Print batch.

    This feature works only with the PDF/Email feature and when sending batches.

  • Bug Fix: Sending an individual pledge letter no longer causes an error. 

  • Bug Fix: "Invalid use of null" error when generating a PDF letter if no Compression level is selected. If no compression level is selected, it now defaults to "Normal".

  • Improvement: New "First Name Field" option for uploads to Communicator. Can be set to "Use First Name" or "Use Salutation."
    This option is set under Program Setup > Options > Custom Tab. Click Settings for Communicator. 

  • Improvement: City State Zip formatting options have now been implemented in PDF settings. Useful for non-US users who need to (for example) put the Postal Code before the City. For standard US formatted addresses, use "CS,Z" (spaces are added automatically).

  • Bug Fix: PDF Letters PS field now works correctly for individual thank-you letters.

  • Bug Fix: Bills with Dates Due in the future now correctly calculate the Outstanding status of the bill when generating invoices or statements. (Prior to this fix, the invoice would be generated with the Amount due as $0.00.)

  • Bug Fix: Mark as Sent Prompt will now correctly not mark the batch Sent when choosing NO to the prompt.

  • Bug Fix: Phone Dialer in CMS will now correctly dial numbers that begin with a + sign. This is useful for international number where the number is prefaced with the + sign indicating the country.


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