9.5.11 - New Feature | Send Thank-you Letters / Receipts by Email

Send Thank-you Letters or Donation Receipts by Email*.

Just in time for the US Post Office price increase for regular mail to a whopping .44 cents (!) CMS comes up with yet another way to save you time and money.
Send your thank-you letters by Email. This is especially useful for smaller donations.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click Reports > Batch > Letters & Receipts.
  2. Choose Output: Word Merge
  3. In the Include Email field, choose which Email address to use
  4. Optionally, limit to Amounts (see http://support.chabadms.com/News/73/9511.aspx) or other criteria as needed.
  5. Click OK.

Note: If you are new to Word Merges (you are using the "Built-in" letters), you'll need to set up a Template in word that has your letter and the fields. There are some sample templates on your computer at C:\Chabad Management System\Sample Templates. You don't have to generate all your letters via Word, but to use the email feature, you must output your letters to Word Merge, after that, you can filter to the larger amounts and generate those letters on paper as usual.

Once word opens, click the Merge to Email button. See http://support.chabadms.com/KB/a308/.aspx for some more details on Merging to Emails where the same principle applies.

Feature implemented in version 9.5.11

*Please check with your accountant/tax preparer/lawyer if email receipts in your area are sufficient and what amount threshold, if any, a paper receipt is required for tax deductible donations.