9.6.10 - New Feature | Note Reminder Show/Hide Schedule

When setting a reminder for follow up on a note (History tab), you can display other reminders that are scheduled that particular day by clicking the Show Schedule button.

The scheduled reminders list that is displayed is for the date of the new reminder which is about to be entered.

This helps avoid conflicts in scheduling, especially if this is with regards to appointments or visitations (as apposed to a simple call back by phone).

The scheduled reminders list will also only display the reminders of the same Type for the note that is being entered. For example, if you are entering a note with the Type being "Home Visit", the schedule reminder list that will be displayed will show "Home Visit" reminders for that date. However, it will not show "Phone Follow-up" reminders, even those that are scheduled for that same date.

To show all reminders regardless of the Type of note this is, simply delete the Type (leaving it blank).

Of course, the Reminders window will show all reminders of all types, just as before, based on Upcoming or past due, or a particula date or date range.

For more information on Reminders, see http://support.chabadms.com/KB/a252/cms-reminders.aspx

Feature implemented in version 9.6.10