Network Setup

IMPORTANT NOTICE for using CMS over a network.
  1. Wireless connections not supported
    All computers accessing the data must be connected to the local network with a wire. Using wireless can corrupt the data in CMS and cause irreversible damage!
    If you have a wireless network card on your computer, be sure to disable it so that there is no chance that the data is being accessed over the wireless.
  2. Network Speed
    Speed must be 100Mbps minimum. 1000Mbps recommended. Some hardware (older network cards, cables, etc.) may be causing the network to run at 10Mbps. If this is the case, you must upgrade your hardware before using CMS over your network.
    To determine the speed of your network, click Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel,  click on your network connection.


  1. Update Computers
    All computers using CMS must be updated to their latest updates for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.
  2. Share a Folder
    Create a share on the server (or one of the computers, that will act as a server, in a peer‐to‐peer network) and give full access to all who will need to access the system. There should be no restrictions on this share. One sure way to do this is to make the share for the Everyone group and Full Control. You should also set the Security permissions to allow full control to the Everyone group. 
    If you will be setting up limited permissions and not allow Everyone, that is fine as long as each user using the system has Full Control to the share.
  3. Create a Network Drive
    Map a network drive (Drive Z, for example) on each computer that points to the shared folder. The network drive must be set so that it reconnects at login without user intervention.
    Click Computer (or This PC). Then click the Map Network Drive button.
    In a peer‐to‐peer network, even the computer that has the data file on it, acting as the server, needs to have this Mapped Network drive (mapped to itself), just like the other computers.
  4. Install CMS on Each Computer
    The latest version of CMS should be downloaded to the shared folder on the server and installed on each computer.
    Detailed installation instructions are at
  5. Running the Program the First Time
    * Do this one computer at a time. If the CMS program is opened on another computer, first close CMS on that computer then continue.
    * When running the program the first time (on each computer), you will be prompted for the location of the CMS data file. Choose the data file via the mapped network drive setup in step 4.

Please note: Instructions were written for Windows 7. The concepts are the same for other versions of Windows but the details may differ slightly. If you need CMS Tech Support to configure your network for you, please let us know.  CMS support staff will log in to your computers and attempt to do all the above. A $75 setup charge will be added per each computer.

At times, not everything can be done remotely and in some cases, a network pro on site will be needed.