New Version 19.4.3 Available for download

To update to this latest version, login to CMS Connected and click Check for Program Updates.
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 and click Downloads...

Important: This version requires Access 2016 or Access 2016 Runtime. If you have been using Access 2013, you need to remove it and install Access Runtime 2016.
What's New
  • New Processor Integration with SequelPay Gateway. Rate is a fixed fee of only 2.6% and .15 per transaction*. This is a significant savings over our current payment platform.
    This program is currently open only for the first 25 who sign up. If you are interested, please reply send an email to After the initial pilot program is completed successfully, we will iy"H open this up to everyone.

  • New Feature: Downloading Submissions Matching Logic
    We added a new option for how submissions are automatically matched to existing contacts.
    a) Based on Last Name and Start of Address (7 characters)
    b) Based on Last Name, Street Number (first word of address) and Zip/Postal Code.
    To set this option default, click Program Setup > Options > Custom tab. Choose the Matching Logic.
    Whichever logic you're using, you can choose the other one after the default one was executed. On the Match-up page, choose the other option and click Re-automatch.

    As before, you can/should still go over the submissions and, if needed, manually match up those donations that for whatever reason were still not matched up.

  • Improvement: Recurring Charges window can now sorted by any of the fields.

  • Reports Improvements:

    • Transaction Reports: When choosing Export, you can now get Totals in the excel file.

    • Transaction Reports: Bills Summary can be based on Date Due.

    • Transaction Reports: Exports will now include Salutation and Contact Name, useful if you plan on doing mailings (Word merge) based on this data.

    • Contact Reports: When exporting, new option to include Transaction Totals and Totals by Years.  You have the choice to "Limit" the export to those contacts who have transactions, or to "Show" those fields for the contacts that have transactions, and the report will still include those contacts that don't have payments.

  • Fix: Compatibility with TecMailing has been restored. CMS now works with the latest TecMailing API.
    TecMailing automatically checks your mailing addresses and updates them based on the National Change of Address (NCOA) maintained by the USPS. For details on the Tecmailing see this KB article


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*Amex $3000 and up and international cards don't qualify and are charged at interchange cost. Monthly fee is $10, includes gateway. Rates are guaranteed for one year, and may change over time but it is our intention to keep them as is, and work on getting even lower!