CMS Program Update - Ready for Download - Version 14.5.22

We are excited to announce that the long-awaited version of CMS is finally out of beta and is available for all to download.
Because of the many new features and core changes this version implements, it needed to be rigorously tested. Hence the extended beta period.

At this point, we recommend that all users update to this version which adds many improvements and new features you'll be sure to benefit from.

Google Contact (a.k.a. Cloud Contacts) integration implements seamless and instant updates to Google Contacts, as well as updating CMS, with changes made to contacts on your phone or online. 

Details on Google Contact Integration can be found here:

MailChimp Integration
For those who are not using Communicator, MailChimp provides a similar service in sending email and tracking.
See these articles for details.

Below are links to various Knowledge Base articles that pertain to this release. Please take a moment to peruse through these articles as they highlight the new features and changes you should know about in order to benefit most from this update.

There are fundamental changes being made to your database when installing this update, especially to the contact numbers.
Please be sure to review the information about these changes on the download page.